Defining, measuring, and improving employee engagement has been a trending HR topic and it does not appear to be losing any traction.  Survey after survey finds that the number of employees who are “not engaged” is too high and this lack of engagement could be causing some of your current business challenges.

Engaged employees are committed and feel connected to your organization.  But, what makes them committed and connected?  What do your employees want?  What makes them engaged and happy at work?  Here’s a list, an employee wishlist if you will.  Surely your list would look different.  But, maybe some of these resonate with your workforce.

  • Recognition/Appreciation
  • Meaningful and Challenging Work
  • Professional Development/Growth Opportunities
  • Fairness and Respect
  • Ongoing Feedback (Supportive and Constructive)
  • Mentoring/Coaching/Support from Managers
  • Communication/Transparency
  • Clear Expectations and Goals
  • Shared Purpose/Mission/Vision
  • Trust

If your employees are not engaged, your business is not functioning as it should – and could – be.  You may have hired very bright, driven and motivated employees, but they are not performing as such.  Where is the disconnect?  Of course, sometimes it is simply not the right fit, but if it is happening frequently, there might be more to it.  Perhaps your employees have the tools and resources they need to do their jobs, but you are still experiencing a loss of productivity and/or efficiency.  Maybe you are experiencing higher turnover than usual and can not pinpoint a reason.  You may be noticing that your employees lack initiative, that those you used to be able to depend on to go above and beyond, seem to have checked out.  Do your employees lack the adaptability and/or flexibility that they once had?  Is morale low, even when business is good?

Engaged employees will go above and beyond.  If you have hired right and that is not happening, you might have an employee engagement issue.  There are many ways you can measure and develop engagement in your organization.  Why not resolve to improve employee engagement and satisfaction in 2018?  Even if engagement is not behind all of your current business challenges, you have more to gain than lose.  Make it a ‘Happy’ New Year!

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Submitted by Deborah M. McCormick